Energy determination

  • bar
  • psi
  • Mpa
  • kg/㎠
  • atm
  • Cm²
  • Gal
  • ft³
  • ˚K
Customer Information
Name of project
Company name
Contact person
Division / Title
System information
System information Accumulator volume
An exchange Volume
Max. operating pressure bar
Min. operating pressure bar
Max. system temperature
Min. system temperature
Necessary discharge Volume
Accumulator capacity (Gas volume)
Accumulation time sec
Accu. Required discharge rate(ℓ) ÷ Pump discharge flow rate(ℓ/min)
Discharge time sec
(Stroke of operating cylinder x 10-3   ) ÷ Cylinder operating speed(m/sec)
Type of accumulator
Bladder Piston Membrane Bellows
Min. required accumulator gas volume
Max. discharge flow /sec
N2 gas pre-charging pressure at 20°C bar