Fluid control sensors

Fluid control sensors


Temperature sensors
ㆍ Pt100 sensor
ㆍ Alternatively with 4-20mA output
ㆍ As an option with 2-10V output
ㆍ Length up to 1000mm
ㆍ Material of the body brass or stainless steel
ㆍ Different kind of electrical connectors
ㆍ available like M12 and M3

Pressure sensors
ㆍ Stainless steel cell
ㆍ 4-20mA output as standard
ㆍ Robust and compact design
ㆍ Reliable and long lifetime
ㆍ Max. working pressure 600 bar
ㆍ DIN, M12 connector officially

Level & Temperature switches
ㆍ Easy Just plug in plug system
ㆍ Modular construction system
ㆍ Length 280, 370 & 500mm
ㆍ Up to 4 level contacts
ㆍ Material body: Brass or stainless steel
ㆍ Different kind of connectors available
ㆍ As an option with temperature control as bi-metal
ㆍ switch, Pt100 or 4-20mA
ㆍ As an option with air breather
ㆍ As an option with Temperature Display
    - up to 4 programmable alarm outputs
    - as an option with analogue output 0-5V, 0-10V,
    - 2-10V and 4-20mA
    - Frequency output

ㆍ Level and temperature control
ㆍ Display version as an option
ㆍ Filling port with quick coupling
ㆍ 2 sample ports
ㆍ Air breather
ㆍ Return line filter 40, 63 & 100l/min
ㆍ 3 connection points for return line
ㆍ Pollution indicator for return line filter
ㆍ As an option 2-way direction control valve to avoid overfilling