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Gasketed plate water-Oil cooler

Gasketed plate water-Oil cooler

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Gasketed plate water-Oil cooler
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• Maintain the fluid temperature at a very low and stable level - depending on the temperature of coolant.

• Particularly suitable for large flows and high cooling capacities and therefore a useful supplement to the brazed range. 

• Suitable for a variety of applications and can easily install due to the light and compact design.

• Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly 

• Can cater for heavily contaminated or high viscosity fluids, or even if the temperature difference between the hot and cold

  Product Feature

• Consist of a stack of individually stamped heat transfer plates and gaskets
• The hot transfer plate is bolted to a frame consisting of a fixed cover and a movable cover.
• Can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.
• Possible to add more to achieve a higher cooling capacity. 
• A variety of size with a number of plates and different stamp design available to cover the most of cooling capacity. 
• Depending on working condition, special models using higher grade materials available. (ex. titanium plates for seawater)



  Operating Data(1)

 Flow range


 Pressure range

 10~25bar (*Note : Pressure Surges must be avoided)

 Temperature range

 -30°C ~+180°C


Standard : KS/JIS , ANSI, (Stud or Flange Type)
On request : DN25-DN500 Welded neck or Threaded.

  Operating Data(2)

 Plate material

Stainless steel 1.4401(ANSI316/SS2347) 

1.4306(ANSI 304/SS2333), Avesta 254 SMO, Titanium

 Plate thickness



- NBR : 110°C(High temp:140°C)
- EPDM : 150°C - VITON : 180°C


Hydraulic oil, Lubrication oil, Rolling oil, engine oil HFC, HFA, HED,
operating fluids. 

Water, Water-glycol, seawater(with titanium plate)
Limited possibility : steam applications

 Cooling capacity


(dependent on the inlet temperature of the media and the flow rate)


Level of particles in suspension : within 10mg/liter,

Particle size : 0.6mm(spherical): thread-like particles cause a rapid rise
   in pressure drop.

 Other options

Safety heat exchanger, Dual unit with change-over valve - Insulation


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